DerivID is a patent pending, first-of-its-kind derived credentials solution for PIV and CAC that validates the identity of mobile users seamlessly, simply and securely. It exceeds NIST and DISA security standards and eliminates the need for an external card reader. Our credential issuance process guarantees the highest level of assurance.

The gold standard in mobile user identity validation

  • The ideal solution for validating the identity of mobile users: government employees and contractors
  • Access networks and applications or digitally sign documents and more, in a secure manner
  • Simple to deploy and fully scalable
  • Part of Route1’s suite of patented security solutions
  • Leverages deployed and fully accredited infrastructures (DEFIMNETs) available to DOD and civilian government
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities associated with brute force attacks, including dictionary attacks
  • Enables the detection and prevention of multiple sign-in attempts
  • Integrates seamlessly with leading MDM and EMM providers and supports the following Apps: native, MDM/EMM, and custom

More than ever before, you need to securely validate the identity of mobile users while reducing risk.
DerivID is the answer.


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Why choose DerivID?

Secure Processes & Technology

          • Architected based on NIST SP 800-157
          • Patent Pending High Security Smart Card technology that eliminates the possibility of brute force attacks – including dictionary attacks
          • Configurable user re-authentication triggers and credential validity periods
          • Enables the detection and prevention of multiple sign-in attempts

Flexible Solution

  • Automated credential lifecycle management
  • Designed to integrate with existing Certificate Authorities on the Federal Bridge
  • Actively functions with multiple Certificate Authorities
  • More cost-effective than other derived credentials technologies
  • Includes Route1 24/7/365 expert support

Seamless Deployment

  • Eliminates the need for an external reader currently required to authenticate with a CAC or PIV card
  • Deploys and scales simply and seamlessly
  • Integrates with leading MDM and EMM providers
  • Accredited infrastructures already deployed and available to both DOD and civilian government
  • Level of Assurance 3 (LOA3)

Excellent Usability

  • Android and iOS-compatible
  • Support for both multiple user credentials per mobile device and multiple user devices
  • Supports native, MDM/EMM and custom Apps, with APIs available for mobile App development
  • Operates in both online and offline mode
  • Self-service: no security officer required to facilitate issuance of derived credentials

Simple. Secure. Trusted

For more information or a free trial call +1 – 866 – 371 – 1780 or email